The Swiss Army Knife

Well although we live at Oak Farm, its more of a smallholding. Nevertheless with 3 horses and 4 fields, a Tractor is a must.

Yes I would love a big John Deere or Massey but they are just impractical for this amount of land.

The answer is a small tractor – most of the affordable ones are imported from Japanese rice farms and have done a couple of thousand hours of work.

The beauty of these little tractors is that they are mechanically simple and generally bomb-proof.

My current tractor (below) is a 3 cylinder 25hp Yanmar with a semi-automatic gearbox. I can top (mow) the fields, harrow (spread) the horse poo and roll the land with no problems.

The front loader means I can move heavy stuff (well rotted manure/tree stumps etc) easily and the engine is dead simple to service.

Cost about £4k – without the dog!IMG_20170712_115625